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EEA Life Settlements Fund

Advisers and Service Providers

The EEA Life Settlements Fund has engaged some of the largest and most well known financial institutions in the world.

ViaSource Funding Group, LLC, New Jersey, US

Investment Adviser

  • Specialist Life Settlement Provider
  • In excess of $909m invested on behalf of investors*

BNP Paribas Trust Company (Guernsey) Limited


  • One of the leading providers of securities services and investment operations worldwide
  • In excess of £3 trillion assets under custody**

RBS Citizens N.A., Providence, Rhode Island

Trustee and Escrow Agent

  • Wholly owned subsidiary of The Royal Bank of Scotland plc
  • Acts as trustee and escrow agent for investors in the Fund
  • Holds the life policies on behalf of the Fund

Mills, Potoczak & Company, Cleveland, Ohio

Secondary Asset Servicer

  • Market leading Life Settlement Servicing Company
  • Verifies all policies meet the criteria of the Fund

MJ Hudson Fund Services Guernsey Limited


  • Conceived in the midst of the global financial crisis and formed in its aftermath, MJ Hudson began its life as a law firm***
  • Work with a wide range of fund managers, investors and advisers, across the world, from offices in Europe and North America’s most active asset management centres.***

Grant Thornton Limited, Guernsey


  • One of the world’s leading organisations of independently owned and managed accounting and consulting firms****
  • Operates in over 100 countries worldwide****

*Source: ViaSource Funding Group, LLC, New Jersey, US

**Source: BNP Paribas Trust Company (Guernsey) Limited

***Source: MJ Hudson Fund Services Guernsey Limited

****Source: Grant Thornton Limited, Guernsey

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